Website is republished

Our website has a new look for 2013!

The intention remains to  show ancient wisdom being applied in harmony with present  knowledge and the current mindset.

As with all aspect of life, it is a balancing act.  A balancing act, where there is honor and reverence for all that is.

Held within the presence of honor and reverence is acknowledging women.

Returning to a state of seeing the Divine essence that exist in each Goddess, Priestess, bearer of life.

Paramount to our collective evolution is to witness and hold this awareness. One of  our contributions in  supporting this shift, is to hold drum building workshops for women. The women who are embracing their Goddess and  Priestess places as Healers and Leaders within our communities.

Check out the Registration page for more information about  Honoring the
Divine Feminine – Hand Drum Building for Women Workshop Series.

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