Our programs are available online and in-person. Durations for in-person programs range from 2 to 8 hours each. Online programs cover the span of  2 to 6 weeks, meeting once per week for a duration of 70 minutes up to 2 hours per week.


Available Programs



Catch a vision
Catch A Vision

In visioning, we are connecting into the Universal Consciousness thus making our self available to what is being shared that holds our well-being and highest good. We avail ourself to that from which we are manifested and become aware of our true “destination”.

This enables us to “Catch” the vision in our mind’s eye, and to create a mental equivalent, as well as deepen or develop a strategy for what is to be accomplished, as was shared in the visioning session.

Visualize your goals regularly, write them down again, talk about them. And let go. Let them come forward in their own time

Visioning, Guided exercises, Group setting, Self-help, Energy-work, Healing, Holistic, In-person, Online program


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Connecting to Your Shamanic Roots

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Review of the different bodies (physical, spiritual, esoteric) and how these bodies are our footprint and composition of our origins. These origins hold the innate wisdom that we can access through processes such as trance states, communicate with spirit helpers, access to different realms, higher levels of existence or to other regions of the world.

Online program, Multiple hours, Visioning, Guided exercises, Drumming, Group setting, Self-help, Shamanism, Journey work, Spirit guides, Lucid dreaming, 4-Week Program, Home Study


From Vision To Sustainability

We each have great ideas and have ideas that move into the vision; However, there are times that what we see or feel in these ideas never makes it out into the world. If we listen, embrace and allow our ideas to be heard, we gain clarity of our visions. Our vision can then be lived providing us the until freedom of self sustainability.

The “From Vision To Sustainability” course is rich with exercises that enable us to bring forth all that is part of the unseen. Bringing the unseen into our seen and lived human experience of a creative life. Our focus is to dive deep and pull out our creative expressions and to them give them a voice in the form of our Vision, Purpose, Mission statements.

Online program, Multiple hours, Visioning, Guided exercises, Drumming, Group setting, Business owners, 4-Week Program, Home Study Program


From Idea Module II
From Vision To Sustainability – Module II

A monthly continuation program which support the integration of what was revealed in Module I.

An environment to develop and refine principles and practices which support how we desire to be in the world with our gifts and services. Each month focuses on a different area of our habits and behaviors, that can hold us frozen from building our business.

Monthly, Maintenance, Online program, Multiple hours, Visioning, Guided exercises, Drumming, Group setting, Business owners


Drum Healing
Healing Through The Drum

Using the sound energy of the drum to disrupt and reconfigure the energy of the parts of your life that are misaligned, shifts this energy to help you create what you want in your life, allowing the things that no longer serve you fall away — effortlessly and delightfully.

It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. A low, steady beat can create calmness whereas a stronger upbeat can stir us into action or frenzy.

Guided exercises, Drumming, Group setting, Self-help, Shamanism, Journey work, Energy-work, Healing, Holistic, In-person, Online, Home Practice


Rain stops play
Invoke and Reclaim Your Inner-child

We can cultivate a union between our inner child and inner parent, to resolve inner conflict when we were children. Regardless if you are a man with macho characteristics, there may be a little boy within you who is asking for love and affection. If you are a woman who is self-reliant, you may have a little girl who’s very tender and needs help.

Online program, Guided exercises, Group setting, Sound healing, Energy-work, Healing, Holistic, In-person


Living A Life Alive With Intention Banner
Living A Life Alive With Intention

1-day with a focus on self love, forgiveness and releasing of attachments & fears. Includes the Letting Go & Forgiving workshop, From Fear to I AM workshop and Self Love workshop.

Workshop, Day long, Visioning, Guided exercises, Group setting, Self-help, Energy-work, Healing, Ho’oPonoPono, 1-Day Workshop, Home Practice


Sound Healing
Release, Remove, Reset

Through the vibration and frequency of sound, we can attune, transform or invoke a person’s consciousness for her or his healing in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual being. Activated through chanting, music, crystal “singing” bowls, tuning forks and temple bells, for the purpose of invocation, channeling or attunement of our various bodies.

Visioning, Guided exercises, Drumming, Group setting, Energy-work, Healing, Holistic


dreams circle
Join in a Community Dream Circle

A Dream Circle supports us in coming together in Community and giving voice to that which we have seen, felt experienced in our “dream state”.

Dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind.

Online program, Multiple hours, Guided exercises, Group setting, Self-help, Dream work, Weekly, In-person


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