On The Land

On The Land – Tuning into the Spirits


Have you sensed a Guardian Spirit in a place/land?

Ancestral guardians are of the earth, and for some cultures, are an indispensable part of life. These guardians are the spirits of the family lineage that protect and guide the people as well as form a sacred bond between the land and the people. Ancestral guardians provide a legacy of sacredness that guides the people to a oneness of being with the earth, not separateness from the earth. Ancestral guardians connect people to the land. When this spiritual principle is not an integral part of a culture, the earth and its inhabitants are deemed expendable. This is exactly what has happened, and is happening today, resulting in an ecological catastrophe; the ramifications of which are still unknown. When people are separate and cut off from their ancestral lineage and heritage, the spirituality of the earth, as well as the values that such provides, become hollow, vague and in most cases, non-existent.

Have you ever gone somewhere special in nature, only to sense a presence?
As if you are being watched?
A Guardian spirit?
Ancestral spirits?

Join us as we gather to spend time on the land, while tuning in to
the Guardians of the land.

Sometimes we need to ask permission before we enter into sacred areas, and we do this by acknowledging the spirit of the land there, asking their permission, and explaining that we mean no harm.

It is highly recommend you attend the Shamanic Journey Workshop

Energy Exchange is $25.00 per Person

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