Drum Circle

Join in Drumming Circle – Healing Circle

The beat of the drum resonates with the human heartbeat.  The pounding sound of a drum can help us to take notice of our own heartbeat. It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. A low, steady beat can create calmness whereas a stronger upbeat can stir us into action or frenzy.

Feeling out of balance?
Low energy?
Need a change?
Are your emotions bottled up and ready to explode?
Do you feel unsupported in life?
Desire community?
Need a new vocation?
Have you wanted to help people but don’t know how?
Need guidance and wisdom?
Looking for a sense of purpose?
Experiencing grief?



If you participated in the Drum Building Workshop or Shamanic Journey Workshop, this is a perfect way to tie it all together.


Drumming circles serve many purposes.

  1. A supportive place to practice shamanism, especially journeying;
  2. Can be a powerful way to deepen in the knowledge and practice of shamanism.
  3. Strengthening the participants’ connections to their helping spirits through practice;
  4. Healing for individuals and for the community.


A drum circle provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level, and also to connect with a group of other like-minded people. Group drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation, and alienation.

Using the sound energy of the drum to disrupt and reconfigure the energy of the parts of your life that are misaligned, shifts this energy to help you create what you want in your life, allowing the things that no longer serve you fall away — effortlessly and delightfully.



Join in this 2-hour Circle

Energy Exchange is $25.00 per person

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