Dream Circle

Join in a Community Dream Circle


A Dream Circle supports us in coming together in Community and giving voice to that which we have seen, felt experienced in our “dream state”. Dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind.


Have you lost touch with your dreams?

Are your dreams missing you (in the words of one of a new spate of dream-themed

TV commercials)?

Is your dream recall limited to fragments, soon lost completely as you hurry off into the business and traffic of the day?


We gather to reclaim our power, clarity and self-love.


Tools & Techniques:

• Keep a journal & pen next to your bed

• Write you dreams down as soon as you wake up (no thinking, no coffee, no

• Journal daily (it does take discipline, so be easy on your self, but be honest
with your self if there are “reasons” you missed a day of journal entry)

• Set your intention before entering into sleep, to remember your dreams

• During Dream Circle gathering, speak from your heart with great humility
and truth, as free from your ego as you can be.

• During Dream Circle gathering, speak authentically, remembering that
dreaming is not a personal event.


The Dream Circle is a Safe, Sacred Space where we honor our self and others as we witness the divinity of life.


Dream Circles is a time of speaking dream language from an awakened dreaming body and hearing the dreams of others with awakened dreaming ears.


Join in this 2-hour Circle

Energy Exchange is $25.00

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