Dream Circle

Join in a Community Dream Circle


A Dream Circle supports us in coming together in Community and giving voice to that which we have seen, felt experienced in our “dream state”. Dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind.


Have you lost touch with your dreams?

Are your dreams missing you (in the words of one of a new spate of dream-themed

TV commercials)?

Is your dream recall limited to fragments, soon lost completely as you hurry off into the business and traffic of the day?


We gather to reclaim our power, clarity and self-love.


Tools & Techniques:

• Keep a journal & pen next to your bed

• Write you dreams down as soon as you wake up (no thinking, no coffee, no

• Journal daily (it does take discipline, so be easy on your self, but be honest
with your self if there are “reasons” you missed a day of journal entry)

• Set your intention before entering into sleep, to remember your dreams

• During Dream Circle gathering, speak from your heart with great humility
and truth, as free from your ego as you can be.

• During Dream Circle gathering, speak authentically, remembering that
dreaming is not a personal event.


The Dream Circle is a Safe, Sacred Space where we honor our self and others as we witness the divinity of life.


Dream Circles is a time of speaking dream language from an awakened dreaming body and hearing the dreams of others with awakened dreaming ears.


Join in this 2-hour Circle

Energy Exchange is $25.00

Drum Circle

Join in Drumming Circle – Healing Circle

The beat of the drum resonates with the human heartbeat.  The pounding sound of a drum can help us to take notice of our own heartbeat. It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. A low, steady beat can create calmness whereas a stronger upbeat can stir us into action or frenzy.

Feeling out of balance?
Low energy?
Need a change?
Are your emotions bottled up and ready to explode?
Do you feel unsupported in life?
Desire community?
Need a new vocation?
Have you wanted to help people but don’t know how?
Need guidance and wisdom?
Looking for a sense of purpose?
Experiencing grief?



If you participated in the Drum Building Workshop or Shamanic Journey Workshop, this is a perfect way to tie it all together.


Drumming circles serve many purposes.

  1. A supportive place to practice shamanism, especially journeying;
  2. Can be a powerful way to deepen in the knowledge and practice of shamanism.
  3. Strengthening the participants’ connections to their helping spirits through practice;
  4. Healing for individuals and for the community.


A drum circle provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level, and also to connect with a group of other like-minded people. Group drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation, and alienation.

Using the sound energy of the drum to disrupt and reconfigure the energy of the parts of your life that are misaligned, shifts this energy to help you create what you want in your life, allowing the things that no longer serve you fall away — effortlessly and delightfully.



Join in this 2-hour Circle

Energy Exchange is $25.00 per person

On The Land

On The Land – Tuning into the Spirits


Have you sensed a Guardian Spirit in a place/land?

Ancestral guardians are of the earth, and for some cultures, are an indispensable part of life. These guardians are the spirits of the family lineage that protect and guide the people as well as form a sacred bond between the land and the people. Ancestral guardians provide a legacy of sacredness that guides the people to a oneness of being with the earth, not separateness from the earth. Ancestral guardians connect people to the land. When this spiritual principle is not an integral part of a culture, the earth and its inhabitants are deemed expendable. This is exactly what has happened, and is happening today, resulting in an ecological catastrophe; the ramifications of which are still unknown. When people are separate and cut off from their ancestral lineage and heritage, the spirituality of the earth, as well as the values that such provides, become hollow, vague and in most cases, non-existent.

Have you ever gone somewhere special in nature, only to sense a presence?
As if you are being watched?
A Guardian spirit?
Ancestral spirits?

Join us as we gather to spend time on the land, while tuning in to
the Guardians of the land.

Sometimes we need to ask permission before we enter into sacred areas, and we do this by acknowledging the spirit of the land there, asking their permission, and explaining that we mean no harm.

It is highly recommend you attend the Shamanic Journey Workshop

Energy Exchange is $25.00 per Person

Introduction to Shamanic Journey

Introduction to Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is best described as a powerful meditative journey of Healing, Guidance and Return of our Power. We undertake the Journey using the beat of the drum, which carries us to places of knowledge and understanding. The resonance of the drum also at the same time lifts the vibration of our Soul and creates an environment of healing, protection and reflection.

Shamanism is the core spiritual and healing practice of most indigenous cultures. The Shaman serves as the medical, psychological, and spiritual counselor of these cultures. One of the primary responsibilities of the Shaman is to interface between the world of the seen and the unseen. As part of the interface between these two worlds, the shaman uses the shamanic journey. The shamanic journey is a term that is used to describe the primary vehicle that Shamans use to perceive phenomena beyond the conscious mind. It is a method of perceiving the psyche and world of spirit, as well as a means of gaining deeper insight into the world around us.

From a modern standpoint, the shamanic journey is a very useful means of accessing inner wisdom. It is a method of perceiving the psyche and world of spirit, as well as a means of gaining deeper insight into the world around us.

The journey can be taken by anyone who has the intention of knowing themselves and the willingness to undergo the inner initiations that will lead to deep healing and deep self-knowing.


Are you feeling disconnected?
Coping with addiction?
Do you feel sad or depressed?
Feeling powerless or overwhelmed?
Interested in connecting with your purpose?

Lying down and closing and covering the eyes undertake the shamanic journey. It is a form of active meditation that utilizes a sonic driver to reach a meditative state. The playing of a sonic driver produces an altered state that allows the journeyer to explore non-ordinary reality.

Throughout time, Shamanism has been a way of life, teaching us to walk in both worlds, combining earthly traditions and spiritual practices to promote harmony in our lives. Shamanic Journeying is a way to access information and healing for us individually and collectively.

Shamanic journeying is the process of moving into an altered state of consciousness, ‘non ordinary reality’, to receive Divine guidance, access information, experience healing on many levels, deepen our connection to Spirit as well as facilitate healing experience for others.

While it’s easy to dismiss the idea of spirits as “unscientific”, the work is practical and effective. All the world’s cultures have a rich folklore around the idea of spirits — with many parables of both the trouble you can get yourself into, and the good that you can do, by exploring the spirit worlds. Whether there are “really” spirits or not is perhaps unimportant — the idea is a powerful and effective metaphor.

Journeyers do not need to believe in the world of spirit in order to benefit from the shamanic journey. In fact, how you perceive the teachers in the Upper and Lower World is entirely up to you. Some people describe them as a deeper part of their psyche, higher consciousness, or even figments of their imagination. It is the way in which you work with these guides that is important, not what you call them.

Join in this 1-Day event
Energy Exchange is $75.00 per Person



Many people around the world view all living life forms as sentinel beings.

This is the perspective we hold with regards to the animals that have given their life to support us in creating drums.

Often we go to a market and purchase items to eat without knowing how the food we are about to eat came to be food. If we are buying food from a large conglomerate or corporate market, as most likely these items come from supplier who focuses on creating the product quickly and cheaply.

Their interest is in profit, not the well being of the persons eating the food or how the animals we butchered to create the food, or how many pesticides were used in the growing of the fruits and vegetables.

Most of us have very little knowledge of what is a slaughterhouse and that is understandable, just the word itself “slaughterhouse” holds am unpleasant sensations.

We can buy our meat, fruit and vegetables from a large source, where we have no idea how the food was processed or how the animals we treated. Or we can buy from local farmers and growers, where we actually know the people providing our food. Where we know how the food has been grown and the animals maintained.

The same holds true with the Drum… Since we create these drums for the purpose of being used as a sacred healing instrument, we know from where the wood frames were created and how the wood was gathered. We know how the hides to be used were gathered.

Before the wood is collected to create the frame, an offering is giving and words of gratitude are conveyed. Before a majestic animal is taken, a ceremony is conducted, thanking the animal for giving of it’s life for our sustainability. We know that the animal will feed us, cloth us, provided heat for us, as all parts of the animal is transformed and used for our continued living.

Because we honor and appreciate these sacred beings, we humbly ask the animal, that its power and energy be used in the support of others in its new form as a drum.

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Hand Drum Building for Women workshop in Las Vegas

Join us on March 9th in Las Vegas NV,  for our “Hand Drum Building Workshop for Women”. Any women who is involved in the healing arts is encouraged to participate.

Make your own Wood Frame Hand Drum!

Las Vegas, NV

March 09,2013
1 day event 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Early Bird Fee: $125 (prior to Feb 23rd);
$150 there after.
(online registration ends Feb 30th)

Website is republished

Our website has a new look for 2013!

The intention remains to  show ancient wisdom being applied in harmony with present  knowledge and the current mindset.

As with all aspect of life, it is a balancing act.  A balancing act, where there is honor and reverence for all that is.

Held within the presence of honor and reverence is acknowledging women.

Returning to a state of seeing the Divine essence that exist in each Goddess, Priestess, bearer of life.

Paramount to our collective evolution is to witness and hold this awareness. One of  our contributions in  supporting this shift, is to hold drum building workshops for women. The women who are embracing their Goddess and  Priestess places as Healers and Leaders within our communities.

Check out the Registration page for more information about  Honoring the
Divine Feminine – Hand Drum Building for Women Workshop Series.