Many people around the world view all living life forms as sentinel beings.

This is the perspective we hold with regards to the animals that have given their life to support us in creating drums.

Often we go to a market and purchase items to eat without knowing how the food we are about to eat came to be food. If we are buying food from a large conglomerate or corporate market, as most likely these items come from supplier who focuses on creating the product quickly and cheaply.

Their interest is in profit, not the well being of the persons eating the food or how the animals we butchered to create the food, or how many pesticides were used in the growing of the fruits and vegetables.

Most of us have very little knowledge of what is a slaughterhouse and that is understandable, just the word itself “slaughterhouse” holds am unpleasant sensations.

We can buy our meat, fruit and vegetables from a large source, where we have no idea how the food was processed or how the animals we treated. Or we can buy from local farmers and growers, where we actually know the people providing our food. Where we know how the food has been grown and the animals maintained.

The same holds true with the Drum… Since we create these drums for the purpose of being used as a sacred healing instrument, we know from where the wood frames were created and how the wood was gathered. We know how the hides to be used were gathered.

Before the wood is collected to create the frame, an offering is giving and words of gratitude are conveyed. Before a majestic animal is taken, a ceremony is conducted, thanking the animal for giving of it’s life for our sustainability. We know that the animal will feed us, cloth us, provided heat for us, as all parts of the animal is transformed and used for our continued living.

Because we honor and appreciate these sacred beings, we humbly ask the animal, that its power and energy be used in the support of others in its new form as a drum.

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